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Finding successful internet marketing strategies on your own can be challenging. e-Commerce may seem impossible to figure out, even for a successful entrepreneur. The modern e-Commerce landscape is full of tools and solutions to simplify e-commerce, yet navigating all of these tools can seem like a maze. That’s why we here at eCommerce Powerhouse have decided to share our years of experience, both successes and failures, to help you attain the same kind of success that we’ve achieved.

We wanted to do more than simply tell you what we’ve done. We’ve decided to show you. We’ve decided to share with you, coach you, and help you each and every step of the way. We not only want to share with you, we want you to share with us as well. Share your journey and your successes, and together we can help other people find E-commerce success as well. Select one of our solutions packages and let’s start the journey to success in eCommerce together.

Top Notch 24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 phone support as well as world class email support. Whether you want more information about a product before you buy or need specific instructions on advertising your E-commerce store, we are here for you. We believe in wowing our customers through our dedication to high-quality customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Quality Products

We believe in providing the best quality products possible, period. We put our full talent and expertise into developing each of our E-Commerce solutions. You can rest assured that any purchase you make will be serviced with great attention to detail.
Our goal is your complete and total satisfaction with our solutions. We ensure your success by providing you with only the best products and services available.

Excellent Values

Our core values are Quality, Honesty, Value, and Service.
We strive to do everything with an attitude and spirit of excellence.
You can be confident that working with our team will be a top notch experience.
Every member of our team maintains the same core values that make us excel.
We put 100% effort and focus into every solution we develop.

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Why Choose us

E-commerce Expertise

eCommerce Powerhouse has years of experience in online marketing, direct sales, E-Commerce, and just about every line of advertising. That’s what gives us the unique edge in customizable E-Commerce business training, marketing, and solutions. Our decades of internet and real-world success gives us unique insights into how E-Commerce works, and how it is a highly profitable industry ready for more business. Our strategies and tools are designed for success each step of the way.



Marketing Education

We pride ourselves on excellent education. eCommerce Powerhouse not only provides E-commerce software, stores, and solutions, we also provide practical and insightful training in E-commerce and across the marketing spectrum. We know many businesses struggle with marketing online, and with our years of experience, we show you how to successfully market your business online. From branding to advertising, our education is as targeted as it is broad, and tailored to fit your exact needs.



Tools and Training

eCommerce Powerhouse provides a wealth of marketing tools, training, tips, strategies and stories that better equip businesses and entrepreneurs to successfully market and sell online. We provide the necessary tools and training to help you grow your E-commerce business using: branding, logo and design, website structure and theme, conversion techniques, product selection and marketing, shipping strategies, social media marketing, Facebook Ads, Advertising techniques, and much more. By utilizing the right tools and training, we help our customers build a strong, successful E-commerce business.


Marketing Assistant Membership

With the Marketing Assistant Membership you have instant access to our tools, training, one on one coaching. You’ll also receive ten new products per month added to your E-commerce store (that we source for you), or thirty Facebook posts per month written for you.

Use our Marketing Assistant Membership to build your E-commerce business from the ground up, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the game for a while. We offer basic marketing and E-commerce training you can start utilizing right away to build your business the right way, while we guide you each step of the way.

* Bonus! Our Marketing Assistant Plus Membership offers the same features and training as the regular membership, and also includes SIXTY Facebook posts per month, and more in-depth training and coaching, for only $197/month.

Marketing Assistant Membership Options

By clicking ‘Purchase now’ I understand that I am signing up for a subscription and that I will be charged every 30 days

Cancel anytime by emailing us at [email protected]

Custom Facebook Page Design

Every E-Commerce store needs a Facebook page of its own. With this special package, we provide you with a completely custom Facebook page. We make sure that your logo and Facebook graphics match your E-Commerce store perfectly.

In addition, we also provide useful tools, training, and individualized help to get you moving forward in your business.

Use our Custom Facebook Design to build your E-commerce business. You’ll have all the training and tools you’ll need to get started.

* SPECIAL! Already have a logo of your own? If so, we will build your custom Facebook page for only $397! (Save $100 by having your own logo). Just email us the logo after placing your order. Please make sure it is either in a PDF or PNG file type (transparent).

Custom Facebook Page Design Options

Done For You E-Commerce Store

The Done For You E-Commerce Store is specifically designed to give your E-commerce business everything you need to start making sales from day 1. Not only do you have instant access to our tools, training, and one on one coaching, you’ll also receive a Done For You complete E-commerce store.

With this special offer, you’ll have your very own done for you E-commerce store, which when used with our marketing and E-commerce training, gives you the advantage you need to leverage our knowledge and experience to achieve E-commerce success. There are 5 options available for you to choose from

Done For You E-Commerce Store Options

  • * 2 Payment option available
    ** 2 payment or 4 payment option available upon approval

E-Commerce Master Program

We pull no punches with our special E-Commerce Master Program. You still have full and complete access to our tools, training, and one on one coaching. In addition, you get three full Done For You E-commerce stores. With this special offer, you get to load your store with 200 products and you get to customize your store even more to your liking.

With our E-Commerce Master Program, you get to build your E-commerce businesses from the ground up, no matter your experience level. We offer marketing and E-commerce training, so you can start building your business on day 1 with our full support.

* Additional Add-On! Our Titanium Plus Membership offers THREE Done For You E-commerce stores that are FULLY customizable and tailored to your business’s (or businesses’) specific needs. And you receive a Facebook Ads Training Program that’s worth thousands on its own. All For only $4,997.

E-Commerce Master Program Options

DIAMOND E-Commerce Program

The Diamond E-Commerce Program is set apart. In addition to full and complete access to our tools, training, and one on one coaching your business will receive five Done For You E-commerce stores.

With our Diamond Membership, you will have five E-commerce stores to sell your own products to a wide audience. You can start today by using our marketing and E-commerce training, along with your stores. This price for these 5 stores is $6,497.00

* Our Diamond E-Commerce Plus Program offers Five Done For You E-commerce stores that are FULLY customizable: E-commerce stores designed to your specific needs. Plus you get a Facebook training program that complements your E-commerce stores and marketing strategies. All this for only $8,497.

DIAMOND E-Commerce Program options

EXECUTIVE E-Commerce Program

Our Executive E-Commerce Program is only available for serious business owners who are ready to grow their business exponentially. Executive program customers have access to the full range of training and support that our other members have, plus much more.

With our Executive Membership, you will have 3 fully customizable E-commerce stores to use in one or multiple businesses. Each store will come stocked with 200 products. Additionally, you will receive: 8 weeks of Group Facebook Coaching, 30 days of Facebook Ad Management, Facebook Page Creation, 3 one-on-one Advanced Coaching Sessions, and dedicated personal support. This is a Program made for Executive level business and Executive level success.

* Our Executive VIP Program offers the full Executive Program experience, with an additional 60 days of Facebook Ad Management (90 days total!), 5 one-on-one Advanced Coaching Sessions, and even more bonuses accessible only through VIP Executive Membership, priced at just $14,997.

EXECUTIVE E-Commerce Program Options


Brad Tobin
Brad Tobin
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the support I have received since getting your E-Commerce Master Program.I have 5 stores and I am completely new to E-Commerce. Every time I have a question or concern I have gotten quick and very courteous replies and the problem ...
J.B. Leighbody‎
J.B. Leighbody‎
The DIAMOND E-Commerce Program is the #1 resource for finding the best tools, resources and guides to making large amounts of money on the internet. Their customer support is tremendous and the services they offer have exceeded my expectations. I would recommend their done for you ...
James Mason
James Mason
If you are going to do anything good for yourself today, make sure it is giving yourself access this!
Jane Hunt
Jane Hunt
I worked with eCommerce Powerhouse in their EXECUTIVE E-Commerce Program and I highly recommend the service.It is very technical and gives you the knowledge and experience that you need as a newbie in internet marketing and eCommerce.I really enjoy the services, because you can ask questions and learn what they ...

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